Kip Moore Next Project Started in a “Crazy” Way 10 Years Ago

Kip Moore Next Project Started in a “Crazy” Way 10 Years Ago

2022 will see a new project from Kip Moore that was inspired by a song from his 2012 debut album, Up All Night.

“Crazy One More Time” is a track on Kip Moore’s first album, and while it was never a single it did become a fan favorite that has always been at the top of the songs requested for Kip to play.

Kip explains how being stir crazy during the pandemic, and giving “Crazy One More Time” a new sound inspired his new collection of music, “3 months into the initial lockdown, I got a call from a good buddy Matt Bubel. We caught up briefly before bringing up the obvious situation at hand and how stir crazy we were both getting. I told him to bring over all of his gear and let’s just see what happens…No thought of genre, lines or any other inhibitors. Some of the songs we wrote during that month will be on this next project coming, but the recreation of this tune was the magic dust that got us going. Thank you lil buddy for always being a steady friend in this not so steady world.”

Kip shares, “The initial idea for ‘Crazy One More Time’ came about after running into someone that I hadn’t seen in years, and someone that I had a lot of history with”.

“Crazy One More Time” is Kip Moore’s single at country radio.

Photo Courtesy of Kip Moore