Brett Young Makes Music for Everyone – Not Just Babies

Brett Young Makes Music for Everyone – Not Just Babies

When it comes to creating music, a lot of artists say that albums and song collections that they release are snapshots of where they are in their lives at that point.

Right now, Brett Young says that while his life is better than ever – it’s pretty much focused on being a husband to his wife Taylor, dad to his daughter Presley — and getting ready for another daughter to arrive this summer. But when it comes to the songs 12:05he created for Weekends Look A Little Different These Days…

Brett says he made sure to leave some of that out of the song writers room, “As affected as I was by this stage of my life while we were writing these songs, I was also really conscious of making sure there was something for everybody. So, there were a lot of those kind of obstacles that presented themselves in trying to make sure that we didn’t write eight songs about being a new parent and a new father. And so, it was interesting. It was, I think, the most challenging writing for a project has been to this point.”

Weekends Look A Little Different These Days features Brett’s number-one hit “Lady” and his current single “Not Yet”…

Photo Courtesy of BMLG