Brett Young Made a Song So Personal, That It Might Be Untouchable

Brett Young Made a Song So Personal, That It Might Be Untouchable

Brett Young recently topped the country music airplay chart with a song that he’s not sure that he can top.

Brett says, “I think I fought really hard to this point to only say things in my music that do connect and resonate with me. Cause I never felt like it was okay to ask fans to feel connected if I wasn’t.”

“Lady” was Brett’s most recent number-1, and it is also one of the most personal songs that he’s recorded up until now in his career. It’s a musical wish to his daughter, about how Brett hopes that she turns out just like her mom. As far as personal songs go, Brett thinks that’s going to be pretty hard to beat, “There are some topics that are gonna be hard to touch, you know, like this is literally a song about my wife to my daughter. I don’t know that I’ll ever do anything that personal. Not because I don’t want to, I just don’t know that there’s something that personal that I can ever do again. So, all the songs are personal in their own way, but yeah, I don’t think this one’s touchable.”

While fans loved the track and it became a huge hit for him, Brett does realize this raises one big problem. He and wife Taylor, are expecting another daughter this summer.

So, his older daughter Presley has her song, it kind of puts pressure on him to create another song for daughter number-2 some day, “Who knows, I mean, maybe my daughter’s gonna be fighting with one of her siblings about which one of their songs is better one day, and I’ll have to figure that out.”

We have faith that Brett will be making a lot more personal hit songs in the future.

Until he does, we can enjoy this number-one hit…its “Lady” — with a music video starring the two current ladies in his life…